Proper preparation and optimization of the product

Quality product feed Based on the lower stage of the shopping funnel focused on making a purchase, we use product campaigns and dynamic remarketing. They are a very important element in generating revenue. feed significantly affects the effects of paid sales-oriented campaigns. Therefore, attributes based on elements such as e. carefully selected titles, precise product descriptions, well-chosen photo, product condition and availability, brand, GTIN, standard price and special price. These are just examples of attributes, including required and optional attributes.

The more our product feed will be expanded

With additional attributes, the higher the quality of our ads will be. The product feed must contain the same information as Taking care of the advertising message An effective SEM strategy is based on the selection of the right advertising message tailored to potential recipients. In the campaign of sponsored links based on text ads, it is worth paying Tajikistan Email List attention to the use of keywords used in the campaign in both headlines and advertising texts. It is worth focusing on distinguishing the product, competitive advantages, transferring benefits, emphasizing the uniqueness of our offer. In addition, it is good to remember about ad extensions, e. sitelinks, explanations, promotions.

This will make our advertisement take

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Advertising space, be more competitive and provide additional information, and thus increase visibility. In the case of graphic ads, it is worth making the ad clear, legible, but devoid of very strong contrasts. It is worth keeping the color balance, including the logo and in selected types of graphics, eg static banners, use a clear CTA. You can find out Bab Directory how to create engaging advertising graphics here: -grafika-reklamowa Summary A properly selected SEM strategy for e-commerce is key to building an effective and scalable business. Before we move on to positioning or implementing paid campaigns, we need to take a few significant steps related to, among others: with the analysis of the target group, goals and competition.

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