Where the user gets to know our product or knows

It is also worth turning on an additional channel, e. Facebook Ads campaigns with a goal focused on brand reach and recognition. 2. Interest – the user is looking for information about the product or service through very general queries entered in the search engine. At this stage, it’s worth using search campaigns for general queries and GDN campaigns and video discovery ads. In the case of Facebook Ads campaigns, it is worth using campaigns such as post activity, video views. 3. Consideration – the user already has a specific need, compares products, looks for opinions on them.

A campaign for more precise keywords

A product campaign, as well as remarketing targeted at users who have already visited our website can bring good results. It is worth using Facebook Ads campaigns focused on gaining website traffic, installing applications or sending messages. 4. Purchase – the user knows what he wants to buy. He looks for the best offer for a given product Taiwan Email List by entering keywords containing specific product models into the search engine. A strategy based on search campaigns targeting long tail words, RLSA remarketing and dynamic remarketing can bring good results.

In addition strengthening these

Email List

Activities with paid Facebook Ads campaigns focused on conversions and sales from the catalog will bring the best results. In the case of paid campaigns, it is important to include remarketing. 5. Loyalty – satisfied customers will make purchases again in the future and recommend the store to other people. It is worth using remarketing campaigns and campaigns in the search network based on RLSA. For Facebook Ads campaigns, it’s a good idea to Bab Directory use the same advertising objectives as for the previous step. It is worth encouraging customers to come back by using promotions and discount codes. It is important here to choose the right type of campaign and determine what effects and results will be satisfactory for us. A good solution are Google Ads image campaigns – True View In-Stream and GDN video.

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