This is another idea for effective internal linking

Internal linking in sidebar and breadcrumbs Internal linking in the sidebar – source selfieroom A large number of subpages are designed so that related blog entries, links to category subpages, or related products are placed in the left or right sidebar. internal linking in breadcumbs Internal links in breadcrumbs – source zalando Breadcrumbs are site navigation elements used to create a better UX and improve indexability. In other words, they are several internal links to pages within a category/subcategory/product/blog article structure that allow users to track where they are currently on the site and how far they are from the home page. Breadcrumbs, like other types of internal links, help keep visitors on your site and help them find the information they are looking for.

Internal linking in tags and sitemap

The tag serves as a link to other thematically related entries. This is a type of internal link that organizes articles on the page, assigning them to the appropriate category. Thus, it supports navigation on the site. When creating such a tag, however, you need to take into account the possible cannibalization of keywords, which may have a negative Bhutan Business Email List impact on the achieved results. Another method to obtain internal links is to create a sitemap, mainly used for navigation on the site. This solution is reasonable for large websites and information portals. For small sites, this is not a necessary practice. Such a sitemap should take into account the most important URLs and present the structure of the site.

Optimization of internal linking

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Choosing internal linking tools and choosing where to post it is one thing. The second part is the proper optimization of internal linking for positioning. For this purpose, you should take care of: Keyword analysis and anchor texts Before starting internal linking, I recommend performing a phrase analysis in order to examine the potential on the page and make a breakdown of phrases into urls to avoid keyword cannibalization (internal linking to the same Bab Directory keywords to different addresses on the website). If you have been running a website for several years and have never paid attention to internal linking, then it is worth: perform keyword analysis, verify phrase cannibalization carry out possible content recycling in order to check whether two or more articles do not respond to one query (in this case, it is worth combining these articles into one.

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