Summary Internal linking can improve overall SEO performance

Use plugins for automatic internal linking Despite the fact that I am a big fan of automating all processes, I must admit that no automaton can replace manual internal linking. By approaching this issue individually, you have a positive impact on the UX, which should translate positively into the page conversion rate. Don’t be afraid to set Nofollow / Noindex attributes within the domain Most likely, there are subpages on your website that do not attract users at all, but are often indexed by bots. Do not internally link subpages generating a small percentage of traffic, because they waste Google resources. Help robots allocate resources to the most valuable part of your site. from usability to search results generated in the SERPs.

Building a strong internal architecture

A winning strategy. Internal linking can be time consuming, but it is not difficult to implement. Nevertheless, you cannot say that something really works until you measure the results yourself. To work In this article you will learn: what new features have appeared in the Google Ads panel in recent months how changes in campaigns Brunei Business Email List translate into the effectiveness of Google Ads what new features have appeared in the mobile application. What’s new in Google Ads Last year, despite the increasing emphasis on automation, we got a little more control over Smart Shopping Campaigns, which were expanded with new features. Solutions have appeared in the Google Ads panel that allow you to more effectively combine online activities with offline sales.

Additional functions have also been

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Introduced in display ads, increasing the attractiveness of the creation. Smart product campaigns – Attracting new customers One of the biggest novelties in. Google Ads product campaigns in 2020 was certainly the introduction of the option to acquire. New customers using Smart Product Campaigns. Previously, we didn’t have access to Bab Directory select the target that the campaign was focused on. Now, thanks to the “Acquiring new customers” option, we can, in addition to increasing online sales. Also adapt smart product campaigns to attract more new customers. This is possible by assigning additional value to the conversions made by new customers. Local Inventory Ads – Offline Sales Online and offline activities are intertwining more and more.

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