Suppose the contact has a status of unsubscribed

Communication should be systematic and conducted during the most active time of customers. To check this, apply AB tests and monitor individual indicators. This will increase the deliverability of emails. Campaign performance analysis The audit should also include the verification of automatic e-mails. Automations convert better than bulk emails. Average OR can reach 50% CTR around 20% * . Monitoring the effectiveness of automation allows you to react in time if e. e-mails to customers stop being sent using automatic scenarios or their drastic decrease occurs.

In such a situation it is best to check

The automations – the settings of automatic scenarios in the system and the correctness of integration and xml, because the reason may lie in technical problems in sending external events such as cart/purchase or subscription statuses, depending Qatar Email List on what scenario a given rule has. . When the system has settings that do not send e-mails to such contacts, even though the contact has met the appropriate conditions, it will not receive the message. In case of a problem with sending purchases or shopping carts, the site is poorly integrated and the scenarios will not run because there is no trigger that triggers the action.

Similarly with xml when the product feed

Email List

It may not contain products affected by the scenario. Check if you have taken care of communication in the most important areas of the customer’s purchasing path and have implemented e-mails with recommendations after a purchase, visit or after signing up to the mailing list. The marketing strategy should include actions at every stage in the Bab Directory purchase funnel. Pay attention to content marketing in emails. Make sure you deliver the right offer – personalized product recommendations to your customers. Effectively encouraging them to buy and are an obligatory element in the message. Verify analytical dashboards in the marketing automation system and data in Google Analytics.

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