The company has 54 stores throughout Poland

In its collections, it focuses on originality, modernity and designs that match the active lifestyle of modern men and women. Kazar products are characterized by outstanding aesthetics and the highest quality of workmanship. and has won many prestigious awards. Currently, it is successfully expanding into foreign markets, including the Czech and Hungarian markets. What is the scope of cooperation? Since September 2020, we have been supporting Kazar in marketing activities for the Czech market. Our e-commerce experts run Google Ads, Youtube and Facebook Ads campaigns for the brand.

We are also responsible for optimizing

Campaigns in the Seznam/Sklik search engine.  Currently, we run the Czech Kazar profiles on Facebook and Instagram, preparing and moderating posts – creating the brand image, creating a community and achieving sales goals. The strategy is Saint Kitts and Nevis Business Email List based on image-building activities, building brand awareness on the new market, and efficiency campaigns, scaling sales. The adopted communication is to support the overall image of Kazar as a premium brand, offering the highest quality products for modern women and men.

Why did Kazar choose Promo Traffic

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Kazar was looking for a reliable partner with not only a team of specialists, but also with modern tools, and with experience in carrying out campaigns on foreign markets. – Kazar was looking for an agency with experience in running campaigns on foreign markets and one that would design a well-thought-out strategy for operations in the Czech Bab Directory Republic in difficult market. Circumstances related to the pandemic. Our activities are based on sustainable image activities aimed at increasing brand awareness and an efficiency campaign that strengthens sales – comments Robert Stolarczyk. President of the Management Board of Promo Traffic.  Promo Traffic is a digital agency specializing in SEO/PPC for the e-commerce industry. Which helps to increase the revenues of online stores.

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