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Tax revenues from the largest technological giants. Is already operating in several countries around the world. We are glad that international specialists in the industry have once again noticed our projects. Appreciating the ideas and effects of e-commerce experts from Promo Traffic. Country-specific tax is added to each Euro of campaign cost. You can read more about this on the Google website. Simulation of the impact of the tax on the cost of the campaign Assumptions: Country: Turkey with the current 7.5 percent. Digital tax (Google charges 5%) Campaign budget : 1000 Euro. Campaign cost with tax : 1050 Euro Current campaign. ROAS: 500% Customer margin: 30% cost comparison table If all other conditions of the campaign are met.

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On dozens of markets, so the subject is of great interest to us. We have analyzed for you where such a tax has already been implemented and what impact it has on the advertising industry. At the beginning of the year, there was a discussion in Poland about the tax on revenues that the Polish government intends to impose. On the media and Saint Lucia Business Email List technology giants. Although this is not a direct. Regulation introduced by other European countries. It is worth looking at how the digital tax affects. Advertising activities in countries where it is already in place. Impact of the tax on the costs of advertising campaigns in individual markets. Fees from global giants on revenues generated in a given country.

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Although we treat the nominations themselves as an achievement. We are impatiently waiting for the announcement of the exact winners!  Traffic in its expansion to the Czech market! Who is the client? Kazar is a fashion brand offering exclusive Bab Directory footwear, handbags and accessories. Google plans to charge 2% from 01/05/2021 Thus. The tax directly affects the costs of the advertising campaign. The tax definitely affects the profitability of the advertising campaign.

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