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Set strong passwords (and change them regularly) Password strength is one of the best ways for employees to protect data security. While companies can automatically set minimum standards for intranet passwords. a minimum number of characters or the use of special characters, but it is up to employees to use them responsibly. For example, employees should not reuse passwords they use for other logins and should change their passwords every few months.

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For many employees, it is a challenge to remember these passwords. Therefore, you should remind your employees not to use password Latest Mailing Database managers without first discussing it with the IT department. 3. Beware of phishing scams Field workers communicate primarily through digital methods such as email and instant messaging, making phishing a major risk. Hackers sometimes impersonate company executives and send employees messages containing malicious links or asking for secure information. Employees should be made aware of the warning signs of phishing. Employees should never click a link, open files, or reply to messages without verifying the identity of the sender. If the email address is from a non-company domain, there’s a good chance it’s a phishing attack.

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Physically secure devices In taking measures to protect. Intranet security from virtual attacks, companies often forget that physical theft is BAB Directory also a threat. Employees should never leave work equipment such as laptops or smartphones unattendd in an unsecurd location. For example, the devices should never be left open in a parkd car, whether lockd or unlockd. If employees leave their devices at home, the doors should always remain lockd. 5. Only use company-approvd devices and apps Employees sometimes find that the technologies providd by the company are not enough and instead decide to develop their own solutions.

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