The term persona is a topic for a separate article

Get to know your audience and their needs The statement that content written for everyone is really for no one may not be too revealing, but in the context of choosing a topic for a blog, it cannot be omitted. The better you know your target group , their problems and interests, the more relevant content you will be able to create. , so at this point I will only mention that helpful in getting to know readers are e.g. Google Analytics and social media profiles. Based on the collected data, you will be able to adjust not only the topics of articles to their interests. But also determine the method of communication.

Plan texts in advance Seasonality

Important when choosing blog topics . What is meant by this term? Let’s say you run an online women’s shoe store. It may seem logical that in the summer, flip flops and sandals will be in the lead, and in winter boots and snow boots, which will New Zealand Email List affect the content you create. However, is it worth relying on intuition also in the case of less obvious industries? The answer to this question seems obvious, which is why we can count on a selection of tools that. Will be a clear hint for us when and what articles are best prepared.

Below you will find the key steps in this process

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Define the key phrases of your activity/business (for this purpose, you can use, for example, the Keyword Planner). Use the free Google Trends tool – after entering the desired phrase, you will get information when it is the most popular Bab Directory among Internet users. Get to know the functions of Trend Watch – thanks to this tool you will receive a sales report for any industry. Why is seasonality so important? It will not only allow you to get to know the needs of readers. But also facilitate the writing process itself, because it is an extremely. Important tip when creating a publication calendar.

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