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Ignoring any message from a customer is a very risky step that can cast a shadow on all the hard work you have done to make your company in good standing. Also, remember that trying to hide and delete inconvenient comments can end up with the Barbara Streisand effect . It consists in the fact that censoring or removing information has the opposite effect from the intended one – it quickly spreads among a much wider group of people. Not responding to uncomfortable questions, unfavorable opinions or deleting user posts is a shortcut, and it is known that it rarely brings positive results. They are inspired by Barbara Streisand as a great actress and singer, not as a moderator of a social media profile.

Dr Jan Zając Founder and CEO of So

Trender, presented very interesting data during his presentation at the Marketing Academy – 28 out of 100 largest Polish brands have turned off the option of adding posts by users on Facebook, and 31 of the remaining ones respond on average after more than 8 hours. These are very worrying statistics that show that companies do not want to engage Algeria Mobile Number List in dialogue with their customers. This is confirmed by data that says that 78% of consumers. Consider it crucial that a brand listens to their voice. Unfortunately, only 17% of consumers believe this to be true.(2) that you care. Monitoring can help you with this.

Using tools such as Brand24

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search the web for information about your brand or topics. On which you can express your opinion and interact with the users who posted them. Do you run a hotel? Follow discussions in social media about accommodation, searching for rooms by Internet users, ideas for travel and join the discussion. Use them to promote your brand. Do not leave Bab Directory such entries unanswered if they are consistent with the industry you deal with. Also catch negative opinions about your products. Respond quickly to problems and negative opinions. Thank people who speak well of you. If you show yourself as someone involved, willing to discuss. Who values ​​conversation and, above all, an individual approach. The person you are on a date with will certainly be more willing to meet you again.

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