What challenges did we face during the back to office

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Numerous studies have also been conducted

This subject, confirming the modification of trends and the fact that some of them will probably remain permanent. In today’s text, we want to show how we have adapted to this new pandemic reality by announcing our return to the office. How did we operate last year? In March 2020 – like many other companies – we switched to fully remote South Korea Email List work, thinking that this situation would not last longer than a few weeks. However, it soon turned out that the pandemic would not pass as quickly as we had hoped. In order to ensure the safety of ourselves and others, take care of the well-being and health of employees, but also guarantee maximum effectiveness of actions : At the beginning of the pandemic and at its peak, we worked primarily remotely We used this “opportunity” to modernize.

Our office and prepare new jobs

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The ever-growing staff We took into account the fact that not everyone can and wants to work in a home office – people who did not have the Bab Directory conditions to work at home could first use a substitute office, and then our new office space Between February and June 2021, our employees decided for themselves whether they prefer to extend their remote work or return to our new office.

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