Google Analytics provides great insights into the behavior

However, the low conversion rate also means there is room for improvement. Both on the technical side of the store itself, UX optimization, as well as optimizing performance activities and acquiring better quality traffic to the store. Comparison of e-commerce ratio with benchmarks In practice, you have to be very careful when comparing e-commerce conversion rate to a generic benchmark that aggregates conversion rates across industries. If you plan to compare your own conversion rate with that of other stores, you should try to find common conversion rates for your category. What can be the best reference point for your store. Below are some comparative tests for each category, which are backed by the latest research. 2.42% IRP Commerce (Dec 2020) 3.2% Unbounce (2020) 1.84% Wolfgang Digital (2020) 1.91% Monetate (Q1 2020) 4.31% Invest (2020) Conversion rate value by sector The January 2021 update below comes from market data published by “Growcode E-commerce 2021”, which compares conversions by industry.

The large variation in conversions

Industry is clearly visible here, indicating the importance of comparing yourself with similar stores: e-commerce conversion rate Source: :smartinsights/ Recommended conversion analysis tools HotJar It’s a great tool, especially for e-commerce, to help you understand how users interact with your site. With heatmaps, you’ll get full click tracking Iran Business Email List analysis, cursor tracking, and scrolling depth mappings for your website content. Depending on the plan, each experiment with a heat map registers from 1,000 to 10,000 page views and compiles. A collective analysis in the form of a transparent screen of any subpage of the store. Recording individual sessions can be an invaluable tool for analyzing customer behavior in real time.

In addition you can set up attribute-based

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Filters based on length of visit, page views, location, device – to thoroughly analyze specific segments and types of users. Google Analytics Indispensable tools when it comes to complete analytics of online store traffic and. Assessment of basic traffic quality metrics for each website. Of website visitors, including: How users found your site. This Bab Directory can be from Google keyword searches, referral sites, or direct visits. How much time users spend in the store and what is the depth of each visit. In particular, the number of new and returning users also in terms of analyzing their loyalty. What browser or operating system was used and whether the visitor was using a mobile device or desktop/laptop.

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