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The same time, Google makes it easier for us to create advertising materials by introducing new features in display ads. There are also more and more solutions that give the opportunity to effectively combine online advertising with sales in brick-and-mortar stores. a Undeniably, there are significant differences in conversion rates between industries, countries, seasons, devices, and more. According to data directly from BigCommerce, average e-commerce conversion rates are around 1-2%. Many experts suggest setting a conversion rate of 2% as a minimum goal for your online store. It is quite natural and easy to understand. Conversion is a high risk that we will not achieve the profitability of the campaign, 2% looks much nicer.

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What goal should we realistically pursue and what task should be set for an e-commerce agency as ambitious? In this article you will learn: Is the conversion rate in your store at the right level. How to approach estimating the value of conversion factors.  Conversion rate shows how effectively an online store, website or simply brand can convert Indonesia Business Email List traffic into revenue. In particular, it allows you to assess the effectiveness of the entire process in which a potential visitor becomes an actual customer. Your marketing strategies define actions that usually include specific actions worth monitoring. Filling out the form (contact, newsletter subscription, pop-up.

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Mobile application, device specification). Purchase of products and finalization of the order in the store. Phone call. Online chat engagement. Using additional applications, e.g. call back or refericon. Correct conversion rate analysis What is important, the conversion rate should be analyzed separately for each of the traffic acquisition channels. The Bab Directory differences can be dramatic depending on whether the user was acquired in a Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaign, or was redirected to our website directly from an influencer’s blog. Marketing strategy and a well-designed website and user journey. However, if the conversion rate is low, it means that the store may lose potential customers, and advertising and traffic acquisition will be ineffective.

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