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This is a scenario in which the marketing strategies of online stores adopted many months earlier should still be valid – they may require only minor updates. c) Extension of the negotiations and possible re-referendum in 2020 Also this variant cannot be omitted. The likely next binding date is the end of January 2020. An earlier exit from the European Union will only be possible if the parliament adopts the current version of the exit agreement by 19 October. a new referendum cannot be ruled out either. 3. Who will lose and who will gain from a hard Brexit in Poland? Great Britain is the third largest global market for Polish exports.

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Accounted for 6.4% of total exports. 8 The most frequently exported products include: electrical devices and apparatus, telecommunication devices for recording and reproducing sound, road vehicles, office machines and devices for automatic data Egypt Email List processing, furniture and furniture parts, pillows and quilts. 9 These are the industries most exposed to Brexit. Trade will become more difficult because the goods will go through all the procedures related to export outside the common market. Despite many negative aspects, Brexit can also have a positive impact on the above-mentioned industries.

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Great Britain and the European Union means that exporters have to look for new markets, which may turn out to be equally – if not more – attractive than the British market. Noteworthy are, first of all, those markets where the products offered by. Exporters are not available or are available in small quantities. Such a direction will allow for a relatively. Quick Bab Directory reconstruction of the position lost in the UK. More information on choosing a foreign expansion market can be found. In the article by our Team Leader of the. Media Planning and Onboarding departments Martyna Żądło.

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