He following days are not easy for the duck

Careful not to bore your audience heroes – there is no story without a hero. It’s good if he is someone who can be interesting – or who the audience can root for or identify with proper presentation of the product / brand – your storytelling ad is supposed to attract attention, but above all to sell the product, service or build brand awareness. That is why it is important to smoothly introduce the elements that will make this possible into the story. However, you have to make sure that they appear naturally! Storytelling in business Narrative marketing is used by the largest brands, but storytelling is also successfully used by small companies around the world. In Poland, the flagship example of one of the most successful campaigns of this type is the Allegro ad.

The video presents a touching

Story of an old man trying to learn English (and by the way promoting the site as a place where you can find everything you need). In today’s article, we have collected a few less known in Poland, but equally interesting examples of the use of storytelling in marketing. Duckling – Disneyland Paris. How to create a touching story? The short (just over a Saudi Arabia Business Email List minute long) video tells the story of a duck who finds a comic book about Donald Duck. She reads it every day and Donald becomes her idol. One day, however, the time comes for the ducks to leave their current home. Duckling tries to take the comic book with him, but his strength fails and he drowns in the lake. T. Flight in the storm, night in the rain and cold.

Even when the sun comes out

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The little duck, deprived of his beloved comic, is sad. And… at that moment, Donald Duck himself is standing in front of her! It turns out that the ducks have arrived at Disneyland, and the duck meets his idol. The effectiveness of this ad is evidenced by the comments – dozens of adults claim that they had tears in their eyes watching it. The Bab Directory creators have created a story that touches. Recipients sympathize with the duck and then rejoice in her happiness. On the one hand, the story appeals to the audience because it is well-executed. On the other: because of its universality. The hero may be a small duck, but he experiences the emotions and adventures we know from everyday life.

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