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Taking patronage over studies at WSEI is an opportunity for us to share the knowledge and experience acquired over the years of operating on the market. of both business owners who want to promote their business more effectively, as well as employees – whether they are taking their first steps in the world of marketing or wanting to broaden their knowledge. More information about the studies and the program can be found on the WSEI website . From the article you will learn: what marketing tools will provide in-depth data on your e-commerce, what tools are worth using when you want to analyze your position against the competition.

Every mature marketer knows that even

The best intuition and experience in the industry is not enough to consciously select communication channels with customers and optimize conversion. In order to accurately locate budgets and increase ROAS, it is necessary to equip the e-commerce manager’s workshop with marketing tools – both internally and externally, which I will describe Laos Business Email List in the text below. Internal marketing tools Google Analytics I will not be original when I write that the absolute number one in e-commerce manager’s work is Google Analytics . It is safe to say that there are no other tools that are able to provide equally reliable knowledge about your e-business. In the basic version, GA is free, and its implementation on the website is simple and fast.

It requires setting up an account

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The Google Analytics panel, generating a tracking code and uploading it to the appropriate subpages on the website. It is necessary to configure the e-commerce module and the goals that we want to measure. Thanks to GA we will learn, among others: level of revenue from online channels, website traffic, conversion rate, the number of Bab Directory transactions and from which sources they come, data on the conversion path and from the cart stage, data on the effectiveness of individual e-commerce channels and campaigns, user demographics. In order for Google Analytics to provide us with reliable and authoritative data, it is necessary to properly configure it, tailored to the needs and goals.

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