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Thanks to research, you can learn a lot about the operation of individual functionalities or the customer service itself. The above points should make it easier for you to choose a system, but if you need help implementing marketing automation, please contact us! We are happy to help you automate your business! add co In this article you will learn: What trainings will be useful in your PPC career How to get a course completion certificate Where can you sign up for PPC training PPC training – what are our options? In Poland, we can see a wide range of various marketing trainings on the market. Starting with training on issues in the areas of social media, copywriting, ending with training on Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

On the domestic training market

We can meet with both stationary and online training. We can choose from training available in the official materials of the largest technological giants such as Facebook or Google, as well as courses created by specialized training companies or marketing agencies. In today’s article, we’ll discuss training opportunities for paid ads in Slovakia Business Email List Google Ads and Facebook Ads, as well as web analytics. Skillshop – Google’s training platform Skillshop is the official training platform of Google, where training materials on Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Marketing Platform or even Google My Business are placed. dedicated to the above issues, both in text and visual form.

After completing the studies

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Completing the tasks in individual topics, each participant can take the exam and apply for a certificate. Screen ze shillshop source: source: :skillshopithgoogle/ Google Ads On the subject of Google Ads, the Skillshop platform offers us training in the entire range of possibilities offered by the advertising system from the giant from Mountain View. Certainly, people who are just starting their adventure with creating campaigns and those who already Bab Directory know something about GA will find something for themselves. The Google Ads training on the Skillshop platform will allow you to organize and test your knowledge, and willing people will be able to obtain a certificate by answering a list of questions during the final exam.

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