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It is crucial that contacts without consent do not receive e-mails containing marketing content, as this violates the GDPR policy. It is worth sending the first message to the sent contacts, which will show you whether the database is active. segmentation and plan a marketing campaign that will be aimed at stimulating older, less active leads. An e-mail with a gratification will work very well here, and the personalization of the subject and content will emphasize the uniqueness of the person to whom the mail is addressed. 4. Generating Leads Another foundation of a thriving marketing automation is the acquisition of new contacts. The platforms offer a number of basic and more advanced lead generation tools.

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A classic solution that allows you to display the subscription form on the URL addresses indicated by us. discount – example Sidebar – it is creating a newsletter subscription form in the form of a box that pops up after clicking. Most often we place Niue Email List it on the left or right side of our store. sidebar – example Live Chat – it is not only a tool for contact with the client, but also a very good source for acquiring contacts. If we set the tool so that the customer has to leave his data before starting the conversation, then we have another effective way to acquire leads.

Today’s platforms also give you the ability

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Create forms in wizards with the option of placing an entry in the form of an iFrame . This allows us to place the form anywhere in the store, and even thanks to some integrations, it is possible to place the subscription form on Facebook. When implementing the above functionalities. It should be borne in mind that the less data we expect from Bab Directory customers. The more likely they will leave it. Thanks to the launch of tools for collecting leads, we note even a 20% increase in acquiring new contacts. On the other hand, going the other way. The more data we have about our potential leads. The more precisely we are able to target campaigns for them. Reaching them with the right content.

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