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Thanks to the observations and analysis of the results, you can take appropriate steps – exclude products from promotions, change campaign parameters such as: maximum bidding rates, minimum product price or target position where products are to be displayed. In addition, you can test new campaigns or remove unprofitable ones. for you, What do you gain by using the tool? There are many benefits of running a campaign on Ceneo and using Centeo to optimize these activities. To sum up, here are the most important aspects and benefits that you should take into account when you want to start activities on Ceneo or optimize your campaign: Low “entry threshold” and favorable settlement conditions – Ceneo is a free platform, you pay only for the effect.

Ceneo allows you to reach new

Customers and is a good complement to the marketing mix for e-commerce. Presence on Ceneo increases the credibility of your brand and helps to collect trusted opinions. Working with Centeo results in an increase in sales and an increase in the ROAS of campaigns. By using the service, you save time and have more control over your Turkmenistan Email List advertising budget. You can create campaigns based on specific product groups, categories or brands. You receive extensive reports and analyzes that help optimize activities and enable monitoring of competition – information on competition prices, average positions, profitability of activities or rates per click. A well-planned campaign using Centeo will save you time and marketing budget.

Find out how you can increase sales

Email List

Reach new customers by increasing your visibility and optimizing your campaign in the Ceneo comparison engine. In this article you will learn. Why Pinterest is a sm channel worth paying attention to, how communication looks like on Bab Directory Pinterest. What industries should start operating on the portal, what to pay attention to in activities. What is effective brand communication in social media? Company profiles in social media have a positive impact on the brand image. Its recognition and building trust and favor of other users.

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