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Sales Manago is undoubtedly the most popular and most frequently used, but not the only, marketing automation system with an analytical panel that aggregates customer data. Before deciding which system to choose, it’s a good idea to browse the demo and customize your choice to suit your needs. Edrone, Freshmail, GetResponse and others are also developing dynamically. SEMrush It is a basic tool for positioners, but due to its intuitiveness, it can be used even by a novice e-commerce manager. SEMrush has over 50 functionalities, thanks to which we can check, among others, the quality of content on the website, the profile of links or the visibility of key phrases.

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The owner of the website, which makes it possible to easily and thoroughly analyze the competition. Thanks to Semrush, the marketer will learn: what is the visibility of his website and the level of organic traffic, what is the number of keywords and their positions in the search engine, what keywords are competitors visible to and what distance Maldives Business Email List separates us from them, what is the size and proportions of brand, paid and organic reach. Thanks to Semrush, you can find out what keywords your competitors have focused on in their content strategy and which keywords are most visible in the SERPs. including in your content. The tool also gives you the opportunity to analyze the estimated value of paid campaigns.

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Semrush are estimates and will not be 100% accurate, but they will certainly show what your position on the market is. HOT JAR It is a free tool that will allow you to determine how useful and UX-friendly your website is. Hotjar is primarily, but not only, heat maps. Thanks to them, the marketer will learn how users navigate the website , what they click on, whether navigation on the website is understandable and interesting. What can Bab Directory you learn from the tool? clicks – CTR, movement – how the cursor moved on the page, page scrolling – which parts of the page were most visible and what the user’s attention was focused on. Hotjar also allows you to record the page. In order to examine how users navigated on it. Examining at which stage the user resigned from performing a given action.

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