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We owe our sympathy to the extensive capabilities that enable the analysis of important SEO metrics. Its key functionality is Site Explorer . information about external links, referring domains, organic keywords and organic traffic on a given site. In addition, Ahrefs has its own metrics, such as DR and UR , which are helpful in quickly assessing the quality of sites. Domain Rating is an indicator of the popularity of the website’s links compared to similar websites in the database. DR is calculated based on the number of pages linking to domain addresses and the strength of the external link profile, and the result is presented in the range of 0 to 100. The URL Rating, or UR, indicates the strength of the link profile of a specific URL.

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CF and TF can be an alternative to Ahrefs for analyzing incoming links to a website . Another important functionality of Ahrefs is the Organic Keyword 2.0 and TOP Pages 2.0 tools, which will be very useful for keyword analysis. Here we can check all the organic words for which our site has visibility in the search results. Advanced filtering options Myanmar Business Email List also allow you to check items that have gone up, down or lost completely.  When we have many domains to check, the “Batch analysis” tab will definitely come in handy, thanks to which we can check the basic parameters of websites, such as the number of keywords, links and referring domains, estimated traffic, or DR indicator. Last on this list, but no less important, is Keywords Explorer.

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Here we can find keywords for specific topics, issues or products. Keywords Explorer provides detailed keyword data in terms of the number of SERP searches, accompanying questions or related phrases. This helps in the content creation process, but above all. It allows you to examine how to approach a given topic and whether. It is worth Bab Directory discussing it at all in terms of driving traffic to the website. Ahrefs also allows you to filter the results for the selected country. Ahrefs is not a free or cheap SEO tool. After using the 7-day trial period, the cheapest package costs $99 per month.

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