Transaction analysis – segmentation of customers based

Below are some good practices related to segmentation, which you can confidently implement on your database of contacts. Segmentation of one-off customers – i. those customers who have made only one purchase in the store since the beginning of their existence in the database. Segmentation of inactive customers. Those who have not interacted with our store for a predetermined period of time. Segmentation by gender. Those who defined their gender by leaving this information. In the form or were determined by the system based on their names. On information about the products they have purchased.

Maintaining and strengthening

Relationships with clients The most effective way to keep in touch with your customers is to send newsletters on a regular basis. I suggest that the preparation of newsletters should not only consist in “spamming” with sales and discounts, but also in sending valuable and interesting materials. If we interest and engage our contacts with an Micronesia Email List article or press release, then there is a great chance that we will influence the customer’s purchasing decision. The method to show our clients the right side is to build a lead nurturing campaign. Which consists in setting a sequence of automatically. Sent e-mails according to the principle, get to know, like and trust.

Preparing welcome content that

Email List

Contains information about the company and products, we build the recipient’s awareness, which often translates into generating revenue. Therefore, it is worth stopping for a moment and thinking about the information we want to distribute. It is largely up to them how we will be perceived by customers. 7. Launching basic automations Automation Bab Directory processes are very important tools for building profitable campaigns and maintaining customer loyalty. Based on customer behavior in the store, segmentation or transactional data. We are able to prepare scenarios that respond to customer needs. Here are some basic ways to use automation in practice.

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