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Promo Traffic, we effectively support our clients every day in planning and implementing campaigns in Social Media. We advise solutions, plan a strategy, analyze results, build an advantage, scale operations and increase revenues from e-commerce clients. We manage to generate sales increases thanks to daily verification of the effectiveness of the implemented strategy, and we do it by working on advanced tools. Thanks to them, we effectively drive our clients’ businesses. Do you want to know four tools that increase e-commerce sales in Social Media? I invite you to read.

Why and how modern tools

Technology can help generate sales in Social Media for online stores? We use modern technologies supported by Machine Learning and AI to run advertising campaigns in Social Media. , verifying the effectiveness of the adopted strategy on an ongoing basis. Constant control over the results, optimization, automation of activities Belize Business Email List are necessary. When working with large amounts of data. In turn, an original advertisement, which can also be created on the basis of a modern tool. Will stand out more in the user’s feed and encourage him to buy more effectively. Not without significance in scaling revenues is also. The verification of competition and being inspired by good practices.

ROI Hunter – will increase conversion

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Rates in Social Media! ROI Hunter tool At PromoTraffic, we support campaigns conducted for our clients with additional energy in the form of modern tools. In the case of Facebook Ads, it is ROI Hunter :roihunter/ How will ROI Hunter help you? It allows you to create a sales campaign from the catalog with an added graphic template that Bab Directory increases. The attractiveness of the advertisement. Template affects CTR and CPC = improves results. You add an overlay to the product file in the Template Management tab. This is an option that we use in virtually every e-commerce. Thanks to which our clients’ revenues increase.

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